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OUR Vote and WHO represents OUR interests

      Watch out for voter intimidation! DO NOT let people try to stop you from voting or control who you vote for. Your VOTE is your VOICE! Get out and VOTE VOTE VOTE! Who is eligible? Any person may register to vote, provided that he or she: - Is a citizen of the U.S. - Resides in Alabama ( you ... Read More »

Prison Inmates voting rights will be restored

What an Amazing job Pastor Glasgow did we know he worked tirelessly on this crusade to help so many people!   Way to go!   this was posted on     Former Alabama prison inmates could have voting rights restored before general election Previous Next Glasgow CONTRIBUTED The Ordinary People Society (T.O.P.S.) founder Kenny Glasgow (left) stands with ... Read More »

Voting rights not always so easily available to all Americans

It is truly disheartening that our god given constitution right to vote the foundation of our freedom is hard for some people to participate it is the basis for what this country stands for so why do we try to control who gets to participatea this was posted on Getting a photo ID so you can vote is ... Read More »

New App to help Alabama residents register to vote

What an interesting process for those people who don’t get out much and wont be able to register to vote. Hopefully this will help get our registered voters numbers up. Your vote is the  power that makes our government happen   this was posted on Secretary of State John Merrill Announces Vote for Alabama App Published 05/19 2016 ... Read More »

Taxation Without Representation 

Glasgow Editorial Days after the beginning of the NAACP America’s Journey for Justice March to Washington, I reflect on the large number of citizens who are being subjected to Taxation without Representation. We are the Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People. We are the people who are now paying taxes after paying our debts to society. But we have no representation ... Read More »


After two days of sitting here at the Voters Registrars office I see a real slack in our Voter participation already. I have some issues that I’m dealing with concerning people being stricken off the Voting list that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN OFF!!! This has been found to be happening in several counties throughout Alabama. Read More »

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