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Children and Violence

Violence never has any positive consequences no matter what the reason and to have children caught up in the aftermath is heartbreaking. We nee to realize what we can do to stop this wave of violence that is overtaking the country.   this was posted on–Children-and-Violence-The-Dangerous-Repercussions-386705031.html \ Children and Violence: The Dangerous Repercussions By Sharifa JacksonĀ | Posted: Wed ... Read More »

Family Justice Center in Birmingham now open

While violence is unspeakable especially domestic violence it is good to see that there are centers now that are out there focused on the victim to help them fight it.   Hopefully this will go well and more of these justice centers will open up in the state.   this was posted on Let’s stop domestic violence now, ... Read More »

Federal Judge goes to JAIL for Domestic Violence

Now how would you like to go before a Judge to sentence you who’s been convicted of a crime themselves. On one hand society frowns upon that, and looks at that in a very demeaning way. However those that has been convicted of crimes themselves say that he might be more lenient now since he’s been convicted of a crime ... Read More »

No More Silence No More Violence

All you can hear when you pass by the Houston County Courthouse is ” No More Silence No More Violence ” As women and children are out in front of the courthouse advocating for Domestic Violence. I told them in an interview that we have been considering a Men Against Domestic Violence group called MAD!!! The young lady leading the ... Read More »

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