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Glasgow speaks out on his Faith while still facing Capital Murder charges

‪Kenneth Glasgow talks faith, capital murder charges on Facebook Live‬ Read More »

Free Community Event

Health and Healing Walk COME GET SOME FREE LUNCH!!! Meet us to walk for restoring health for others and our loved ones and healing for our community. If you would like to join the walk, lead by our children, please meet us on  October 22, 2016  at 211 Mixson Business Center !  9am at 545 West Main St Suite 100 ... Read More »

Let My People Vote Campaign

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow launching the “Let My People Vote Campaign”! Click here TOPS for more details. Read More »

OUR Vote and WHO represents OUR interests

      Watch out for voter intimidation! DO NOT let people try to stop you from voting or control who you vote for. Your VOTE is your VOICE! Get out and VOTE VOTE VOTE! Who is eligible? Any person may register to vote, provided that he or she: - Is a citizen of the U.S. - Resides in Alabama ( you ... Read More »


TINA GLASGOW WILL never forget one letter she received from her son, Kenny, when he was in an Alabama prison. It was 1994, the year of the crime bill, and Democrats and Republicans were outdoing each other to prove how harshly they could punish people like him. Kenny had started getting arrested for drugs when he was 14. “After he sealed the ... Read More »

Moma Tina

Story Contributed by Callie GiersbergIn 1994, Tina Glasgow, now known by many as ‘Mama Tina’, received a letter from her son who was in prison at the time. His letter explained a dream he wanted to see accomplished when he got home. In 2001, Kenneth Glasgow wanted to help people get off the streets and off drugs. He wanted to focus ... Read More »

Alabama Prisoners strike continues

Free Alabama Movement and The Ordinary People Society are out in force to assist the prisoners with their demands to be treated as human beings and not treated like cattle without a voice stay tuned for more details this was posted on Alabama prisoners on strike: Inmate demands to be released at rally 1 / 5 Robert Marbury ... Read More »


Free Alabama Movement MAY DAY MAY DAY. .. April 29 2016 WE, the Prisoners of Alabama Department of Corrections, as a collective reach out to Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, Founder of The Ordinary People Society, Prodigal Child Project and Formerly Incarcerated Convicted People Families Movement asking that Rev. Glasgow mediate and speak on our behalf, in making the following statement ... Read More »

T.O.P.S. At Selma 51st Commemoration

  Last week gabriel sayegh, the co-director and co-founder of Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice and myself joined Pastor Kenneth Glasgow at The Ordinary Peoples Society (TOPS) and two mothers of two unrelated Black men, murdered by local police and forgotten by the national press. TOPS organizes while providing assistance and services for formerly incarcerated and convicted people ... Read More »

TOPS a Time of Giving

A Time of Giving Raymond J. Waller, PhD ​Many people, because of personal faith, philosophy, a neurological and irrational response to flashing decorations, and uncounted and unknown other motivations, think of this time of year as a season of giving. Some readers may have found themselves serving food to hungry people a few short weeks ago on a holiday called ... Read More »

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