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Prison Reform Really?

Prison Reform Really At this time the State of Alabama is in such disarray, Alabama ranks in the bottom for education(pre- k thru 12) a failing healthcare system to include a catastrophic Medicaid/Medicare system, child hunger and child abuse cases being at an all time high, 90% of all Mental Health facilities ran by the state have shut down, and ... Read More »


Free Alabama Movement MAY DAY MAY DAY. .. April 29 2016 WE, the Prisoners of Alabama Department of Corrections, as a collective reach out to Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, Founder of The Ordinary People Society, Prodigal Child Project and Formerly Incarcerated Convicted People Families Movement asking that Rev. Glasgow mediate and speak on our behalf, in making the following statement ... Read More »

Formerly Incarcerated National Press Release

MEDIA ADVISORYOctober 7, 2015 Contacts: Tyrone Parker 202-903-1002 Roach Brown 240-988-3548  Pastor Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow 334-791-2433    PRESS CONFERENCE THURSDAY: Formerly Incarcerated Advocates Join Million Man March Anniversary National Advocates Speak Out from Torrie’s Restaurant at 10 a.m. Thursday WASHINGTON— On Thursday, October 8 at 10 a.m. before the Justice or Else March convenes on the National Mall, the National ... Read More »

Tough Laws Overcrowd Prisons

Repost from Times Daily: Alabama punishes some crimes more harshly than other states, according to a report last week at a state Prison Reform Task Force meeting. For example, Alabama is among 16 states that consider the theft of something worth more than $500 a felony. Other southern states have higher thresholds. Similarly, most states have a nonviolent classification for ... Read More »

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