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Police officer throws birthday party for homeless man

On Saturday in Odessa, Texas, a police officer and his family threw a birthday party for a homeless man – one he will never forget. Cpl. Roland Heyne and his wife prepared decorations, presents and cake for Anthony Ramsey, who just turned 37. Ramsey can’t remember the last time he’s had a celebration like this. “I can’t believe it. Everybody ... Read More »

Ashford Asst. Police Chief arrested on sex and drugs misdemeanors

Ashford Assistant Police Chief Clint Williams is on administrative leave from the police department after he was arrested yesterday, accused of asking a girl for sexual acts. The Houston County Sheriff’s Office says it is investigating a complaint that Williams solicited a girl under the age of 18 for the purpose of sexual acts for pay. Back in 2007, Williams ... Read More »

Change of venue denied in Montgomery police officer’s murder case

Montgomery Circuit Judge Greg Griffin denied the defense’s motion Tuesday for a change of venue in the murder case involving Montgomery police officer Aaron “Cody” Smith. Smith was charged with murder following the fatal shooting of Montgomery resident Greg Gunn during a routine stop on Feb. 25, 2016. Gunn was unarmed, but Smith’s defense team argues the officer’s life was ... Read More »

FBI wants to see a video of the Michael Moore shooting and will pay up to $10,000

this was posted on FBI offering $10,000 for video of traffic stop leading to Michael Moore shooting 1 / 15 Rally for Michael Moore in Mobile, Ala. Dozens marched from Bienville Square to Government Plaza in Mobile, Ala., on Thursday June 16, 2016 to protest Michael Moore’s death. Moore was shot following a traffic stop Monday night. (Sharon ... Read More »

Officer involed in fatal shooting in Mobile has been identified

Any death is one too many and any time that someone loses a life we need to look around to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Lets hope they find justice for that family this was posted on Identity released of officer involved in fatal shooting of Mobile teen 1 / 5 USA-cap.JPG Several miscellaneous items were found ... Read More »

“Drug money will buy you what you want”

pictures from and more can be found at: The war on drugs and crime is very deep in the south. Drugs are everywhere and police are trying very hard to get them off the streets. Along with the police trying to get just drugs off the streets, they are also trying to get black men and women off the street. ... Read More »

Police in Cincinnati are considering possible charges regarding gorilla incident

What a horrible tragic story that just doesn’t have a good ending no matter which side you are on. It certainly has created heated discussions on social media. Whichever side you are on please remember that you should always keep an eye on your children.   this was posted on Cincinnati police investigating zoo incident involving gorilla, boy ... Read More »

After two years Activists still seeking justice for young man killed by police officer these stories keep coming up on the news and it is heartbreaking. Any loss is one loss to many in this world. This family wants to find a resolution and they certainly deserve that.   this was posted on   2 years later, activists seek justice for man killed in officer-involved shooting Thursday, May 19th 2016, 11:00 pm ... Read More »

In March Alone U.S. Police Killed More Than 100 People

In March Alone U.S. Police Killed More Than 100 People Kanya Bennett April 1, 2015 It’s been 31 days since the release of the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing report, but already the number of fatal police encounters is over 100. More than three people were killed by police each day in March in America. Too ... Read More »

Dothan Police Dept. Press Release

Dothan Police Department 210 North Saint Andrews Street Dothan, Alabama 36303 Gregory J. Benton Chief of Police (334) 615-3000 E-mail Media Alert March 3, 2015 The Dothan Police Department is pleased to announce the spring 2015 session of the Citizens Observer Program. The Program is an exciting 5-week program hosted by the Dothan Police Department which is intended for ... Read More »

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