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TINA GLASGOW WILL never forget one letter she received from her son, Kenny, when he was in an Alabama prison. It was 1994, the year of the crime bill, and Democrats and Republicans were outdoing each other to prove how harshly they could punish people like him. Kenny had started getting arrested for drugs when he was 14. “After he sealed the ... Read More »

Moma Tina

Story Contributed by Callie GiersbergIn 1994, Tina Glasgow, now known by many as ‘Mama Tina’, received a letter from her son who was in prison at the time. His letter explained a dream he wanted to see accomplished when he got home. In 2001, Kenneth Glasgow wanted to help people get off the streets and off drugs. He wanted to focus ... Read More »

DPD rescues Moma Tina from Legal ( synthetic marijuana) incident

Officer Ty and Officer Houston rescued Moma Tina from what is called legal. There have been numerous incidents concerning a new synthetic marijuana. Several people have been hallucinating, getting sick and going through momentary insanity consuming this new drug. It is still a mystery to me and others as to what this drug is, but it’s known to be some ... Read More »


When is this little lonely town called Dothan, Ever going to catch up. The only thing going on here is people gossiping about nothing, getting tickets because thats how they make their money here and no jobs. So much can happen here but the people here are so small minded and set in their own ways Money nor jobs will ... Read More »

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