Monday, August 20, 2018

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Let My People Vote Campaign

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow launching the “Let My People Vote Campaign”! Click here TOPS for more details. Read More »


Free Alabama Movement MAY DAY MAY DAY. .. April 29 2016 WE, the Prisoners of Alabama Department of Corrections, as a collective reach out to Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, Founder of The Ordinary People Society, Prodigal Child Project and Formerly Incarcerated Convicted People Families Movement asking that Rev. Glasgow mediate and speak on our behalf, in making the following statement ... Read More »

Going to New Orleans for the 10th Anniversary of Katrina!!!

Looking back at our efforts in helping those when Katrina devastated New Orleans. It reminds of all the loving people we have here in Dothan Alabama.  Mike Schmitz who was not the Mayor of the City of Dothan in 2005, Anita Dawkins, Nan Pitcher, Evergreen Presbyterian Church, Covenant Church, 1st Assembly and so many more would get together after they ... Read More »

Illusion of Democracy

Watch the video and read the story about what really happened on Election Day in Alabama. In The Wiregrass the tension was so high, so much disrespect, voter intimidation, voter suppression, racial epithets, and so much more. Read More »

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