Friday, July 19, 2019
How Obama Phones And Free WiFi Ruined My P.C

How Obama Phones And Free WiFi Ruined My P.C


When the time came long over due for a post and creativity began to flow, anything and everything that was possible to get in the way of my work.  The computer crashed. After the a.c. and water broke. Then my phone went flash and all the screen would show was a bright white page of light. Needless to say, online posting would be difficult, even given the fact the posting environment was becoming a relentless beast determined to thwart any attempt at creative writing on my behalf. SMH. Time to go to the library I decided. Foiled again I thought after being unable to find my library card. photo-1524995997946-a1c2e315a42fThe next action was obvious. I would still go to the library, see some one I knew, borrow a device, contact the mobile phone company, order a new phone, an have a nice day. Online writing an storytelling could resume in 5 to 10 business days. Thank God the phone has arrived. I have come to the conclusion that in this life there are certain things that can’t be overcome by one’s own effort and wisdom. Some times that which is unplanned, unpredictable, or just even all around unusual will happen, and then happen again. So…. After the phone freakishly gets offline…. I’m on another borrowed phone with the service provider and asking for a solution that hopefully can be done over the air. gesI hope that this replcement is not defective as well. Here lately, it seems as everything I touch that is electonical in nature starts to act like it has it’s own concience by executing apps and programs on its own, dialing out unexpectedly, and my own phone blocks calls, and “forgets” to deliver the message until days later after I missed the appointment. Blah. I’m thankful to live in such an amazing country which provides free phones with internet service to the less fortunate in exchange for the collection of all the users data about shopping habits, hang locations, and personal time usage that is priceless. Does that mean that the information is free also? I know that right now Evey keystroke I log and possibly even some audio or video is being stored somewhere where someone else could possibly have access to it. Isn’t it great to live in such an amazing country. We don’t even have to pay for 24 hour a day body surveillance when we get food stamps and Medicaid from the “gubba-mint” or government as some would say. Hmm. Could it be that, We the People… Feed the machine that feeds off us? That’s like letting the Lions chew off your hands while you are feeding them your foot already. 62GGLj1wTP-10Therefore after deep consideration of all the obstacles I seem to have been facing at trying to figure out what to write about were extigushed, I realized that if I could write about the obstacles, maybe I could kill two birds with one stone. Then the computer screen went blank again.

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