Monday, June 24, 2019

First Day of Spring at TOPS


Good Morning Beloved Its a blessed day indeed it’s beautiful outside the beginning of spring when the flowers start blooming it reminds me of the process that we go thru in the T.O.P.S. Discipleship Restoration house it’s a daily process of blooming and growing restoring those necessary morals and values as being a Man and a positive and productive member of society during incarceration and drug addiction,one begins to devalue themselves and allow himself to degredate himself and settle for the lower state of himself at T.O.P.S.we believe in restoration restoring men back to themselves and their relationships with God and Man reintergrating back In to society to be father’s role models and leaders in the community through Godly principles. Its a blessing to be a member of The Ordinary People Society and a Resident at the Restoration House like the Pastor says we are just ordinary people helping ordinary people do extraordinary things I pray that in this Day Beloved you keep your mind on the restoring that we have to do in our own lives people are quick to point fingers at others only to take the attention away from themselves so let today be the beginning of you focusing on yourself your dreams and your goals and be a blessing instead of a burden to someone else other than yourself Enjoy your day Beloved and May God’s grace be sufficient to sustain you and remember to always do what Praise Him!

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