Monday, June 24, 2019

Phone Zap to Alabama Dept of Corrections


Urgent Communications Zap: Support Holman CF Hunger Strikers


(Updated March 18th 2019)

As of March 18th at 12AM, eight people are now on hunger strike at Holman Correctional Facility, protesting solitary confinement without justification. 

These are their names:

Kotoni Tellis (AIS# 223155)

Marcus Lee (AIS# 175056)

Mario Avila (AIS# 259514)

Corey Burroughs (AIS# 207639)

Earl Taylor 3rd (AIS# 168616)

Tyree Cochran (AIS# 172306)

Earl Manassa (AIS# 175099)

Antonio Jackson (AIS# 246560) 

It’s important that we show support and keep the pressure up on the Alabama Department of Corrections. To be clear: We don’t engage with the ADOC because we think they share our concerns. We are engaging with them to demand accountability by disrupting business as usual. This communications zap is a digital blockade, but it only works if enough of us keep calling/ faxing/ e-mailing in.

Let’s get these folks out of solitary confinement! 

Who to call: 

Holman Correctional Facility (Warden Cynthia Stewart): 251 368 8173

ADOC Commisionner (Jefferson Dunn): 334 353 3870

ADOC Operations (Southern Regional Director Cheryl Price): 334 353 3813

ADOC Health Services (Ruth Naglich): 334 353 3887

ADOC Public Information (Bob Horton): 334 353 4803

ADOC Facilities Manager (Jenny Abbott): 334 567 1554

ADOC Governmental Relations: 334 353 3878

ADOC Admin Services (Matthew C. Brand): 334 343 9989

ADOC Investigations & Intelligence: 334 353 8912 

ADOC Legal (Carrie McCollum): 334 353 3885

Suggested Call Script: 

Hello, my name is _ and I’m calling from _, you should be aware this call is being recorded. I recently learned that 8 people in Holman Correctional Facility are on hunger strike in response to being placed in the SHU with no infractions or disciplinary charges. They were transferred to Holman on February 28th and I am very concerned about their health and safety. I demand their immediate release back into general population. 

Are there plans to release them to general population as soon as possible?

(if not), Who can I speak to about this ? I will keep calling until all the hunger strikers are released. 

Notes: Be stern with the individual who answers the phone. Insist to speak to who you call for. Give no more information to secretary other than your name. Record calls if possible. Report any new info to

Email ADOC offices: 


Suggested E-mail Script: 

“To whom it may concern:

I am writing to demand justification and accountability for the Alabama Department of Corrections blatant disregard for its own policies. I recently learned that eight inmates under your care started a hunger strike on March 18th, 2019, in response to being placed in a solitary housing unit without any infraction, disciplinary charge, or explanation. The wardens at Holman CF have said that they are acting on orders from ADOC Commissioner Jefferson Dunn.

A sustained mass hunger strike can have very serious implications.

I demand an explanation for this arbitrary detention, the immediate release of all 8 hunger strikers from solitary confinement, and an end to further retaliation. 

Are there plans to release them to general population as soon as possible?

I will continue to follow up until the above prisoners are released. 



Kilby CC Warden Bolling Fax #: 334 215 6606

ADOC Fax #: 334 353 8922

Free e-mail to fax services

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