Monday, June 24, 2019
Random Junk

Random Junk


Hello Dot Finders! black dot Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at some of the things we are planning on changing for the next year and also some of the Random Junk th@t we plan on tossing out. Junk-Shadow-Art-random-15114079-470-465 First on the list is this junk: In the World News Today: “EL Presidente en United States pulls a Trump card  over the border wall funding that he has not received and effectively shuts down the most powerful government in the world until the other lawmakers approve his requests for his project.” Thanks Mr. President. That’s number 1 on the Random Junk list. One of the richest men in the country will be dining on steak for quite some time while the impoverished citizens in the other end of the social scale are set to lose their food stamp benefits before spring. Read about it here… There may be a lot of hungry people out there very soon which should contribute to the ultimate decline of the greatest world power ever known because even government workers and retired ones can’t get paid with this shut down growing worse. Ex presidents not as wealthy as the current one will have to eat anything that happens to come along the way.  This got caught eating, well…er…umm… Is it true that you are what you eat Chuck? when-americans-get-hungry_o_249573 MoMA Tina’s Mission house is destined to get busy feeding folks so the first Random Junk on the list to keep is all of the support for the good folks at T.O.P.S who had the foresight to already be meeting the hunger need in Dothan. According to the workers when asked how the shut down would affect wh@ts cooking in the kitchen… the response was… We do not seek government funding due to the fact we would like to keep the community involved with helping out at Moma Tinas Mission House.”   I know a lot of people are glad that they chipped in to help the kitchen with it’s budget needs, as there is a greater need for the service now.   The next junk we have to throw out comes from the DotOnline itself. We will be throwing out all of the non existent staff writers around here and replacing them with new people who are excited to write about… well just about anything. Unfortunately, at the moment, D.O.T. writers are volunteers from the T.O.P.S. list of folks who like to help out in the spirit of helping out. The way I look at it, you can’t complain when the labor is free. However, it would be great if someone would make a small donation to the T.O.P.S. computer room as it is in need of updated computers and equipment. The volunteers could also use some literacy classes so if you are a retired teacher or professor, please feel free to come down to the office and speak with Moma Tina, or Ann Reynolds, the office manager and they should be able to help you get started. Call them at 334-671-2882 or go to the website at to make online donations or leave messages. Well, that’s a start! Stay tuned to the DotOnline because we’ve got plenty of junk around here to clean up. I will be throwing out stuff all night. The Dot   Broken_computer

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