Friday, July 19, 2019
How do we become humane after being human, and exactly what is humanity?

How do we become humane after being human, and exactly what is humanity?


Hello dot lovers! TGIF has arrived after a hectic week in the rat race of corporate and blue color day in and day out paperchasing weekday everyday

For most of the human race as a whole, it often seems that we drift from one state of mind and body to the next, often so caught up in the routines of our schedule that we miss the off days altogether when we take time on those days to catch up on the bucket list that seems to forever get longer and more aggravating with each day that passes by. Do we ever stop to smell the roses as humans anymore, or are those pretty colorful plants outside just another thorn in our flesh that gets in the way and requires the dreaded green thumb that we seem to have lost and have no interest in taking the time to redevelop. Has everything that does not pay the bills and bring home the bacon become an irritation to us? We are at the top of the food chain, are we not? Hmm.

Well there is always time for football during this time of the year, so whether we have to drag ourselves to a peewee leauge game or a good old Friday night high school rivalry, we should at least go hang out with the kids or somebody else’s kid at least. Wait a minute. What’s up with this headline in the Dothan Eagle???  It seems that last Friday’s game between Northview and Eufala had extra cops and officers because some crackpot threatened to commit violence at the one time we get to try to relax! Read it here… Hmm.

It seems as though in these days  and times, we have grown to having to stay at home and watch our relaxing activities on the boob tube because for some reason or another we have to be cautious of the activities of our fellow human beings. I believe that this is where our true delima lies. There is a difference between being human and being humane Margeret, and today would be a great time to revisit the difference between the two states of humanity. To be human means a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien according to Oxford dictionary online and to be humane is  having or showing compassion or benevolence according to the same source. 


question markThe letter “e” on the end of the word human therefore changes the entire meaning of the root word entirely. It is horribly saddening that we as humans have become less benevolent towards each other and since we have done so, does that inhumane behavior make us more animalistic? The definition of humanity on the other hand is used interchangeably to describe either the collective of all human beings, or having the quality of humaneness. Hmm. Is this getting confusing yet Chuck?!? Well, I suppose it should be. The bottom line of it all is Thank God It’s Friday and perhaps as long as we continue to put God first and place each other’s welfare before our own,  we can find our way back to being humaneness. It is the spiritual part of us that tames the animal side in this life journey and so the dot would like to impart to all of you one simple truth before signing off to catch the big game with Mrs. Dot and my little dotlings tonight… You are already human. If you wish to be humane, you must recognize the humanity that is definitely also present in people around you and treat other people the way you want to be treated. Wait a minute… That’s the Golden Rule that Jesus gave in Matthew 7:12… That’s that “do unto others” thing that we all recite and hardly practice! Perhaps in the process of becoming humane, we must first take on more Godly characteristics and follow the pattern given to us by the Creator of us all. Qwp2td8-vWt4gCmVX5_p8OgaDBWfuWCRnS2ORfJFi0SPKE8KfUw6s_PeEL8x-jlGng=w300.cfthe dot


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