Friday, July 19, 2019
Words From The Mission House
Eat Good

Words From The Mission House

Help Feed the Need.IMG_0029

Tina Glasgow
to Aaliyah, Precious, nyc, +58 10 days ago

It is that time again to reach out to all our friends and TOPS Family to help us feed over 135 people a day for another year. Each year TOPS Moma Tina Mission House has a Community Cook Out in August to help us raise funds to feed 135 or more people a day. Our Goal this year is $35,000.00, this will help us feed and pay for day to day operations.

We do not seek government funding due to the fact we would like to keep the community involved with helping out at Moma Tinas Mission House.

So we are asking each of you to help us by sponsoring Moma Tinas Mission House.
Each meal cost per day
Adults $3.25
Children $2.75
On average it take over $350.00 a day to keep our doors open Monday – Friday we give a sack lunch and a hot meal at Moma Tinas mission House and we are in need of  your support. We are the only soup kitchen in Dothan Alabama that allows you to come and get a plate no matter what your income is or what your religion or race is because we know that everyone is in need from time to time.
We also ask that the community come out and help any way they would like. If you would like to make a donation please call Mom a Tina at 334-714-3482.. All donations go to help feed those in need.
….That should do it.
toucheThe Dot

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