Friday, July 19, 2019

Updates And Upcomings


Hello Dot Lovers!


In effort to keep you guys informed on the goings on at T.O.P.S as well as The Prodigal Child Project, we would like to introduce… Tell All Tuesday’s!  Yes we made that name up all by ourselves, Chuck.  Here’s the skinny.  On Tuesday of every week, a post will be dedicated to informing the public of  the plans of those good ole folks at The Ordinary People Society and any other fresh news that we can manage to scrape up pertaining to Good ole Glasgow’s plans.  It took a long time to teach that pet hamster that they keep up there how to read and write, (much less understand English) but we finally have a mole up there.  It seems to me that the first thing Hammy the Hamster wanted to report was that the T.O.P.S. Health and Healing Garden looks great and it is growing grub!  Hammy even managed to get a picture of some of the fresh veggies from the garden… Don’t ask  how he got it, but it doesn’t surprise me that the little guy loves the looks of that squash!  grub    By the way, the garden is a lot of work to keep up so if you’ve got a green thumb and would like to volunteer some time tending to it, please contact Randilynn Horne at  334-828-4962.


Next up on the list, Hammy wanted to report that he overheard an announcement that on August 25, 2018, the 12th annual BBQ Community Cookout will be held at 605 N Alice St. to benefit Moma Tina’s Mission House. Okay, here’s the lowdown on the throw down. To celebrate the annual anniversary for the mission house, folks come bring their grills, enough meat to feed at least 20 people and whatever special sauces they have created to compete in the cookout for the title of Grill Master of the year. The winner will be rewarded with an article in T.O.P.S. Magazine and also a radio slot on WKCG 99.1!  bbq

To get more information on how to participate, contact Moma Tina at 334-714-3482 and she can fill you in so you can go down there at two o’clock p.m. on the 25th and fill up on BBQ.  Also, coming from the mission house is a request to the general public for food donation supplies. With school being out, there are a lot more people to feed at lunchtime everyday, and there is a huge need for bottled water due to the heat. The mission house feeds hundreds of people everyday and any help would be much appreciated.  There is also a need for bread and pastas.


Finally, this upcoming Friday and Saturday the 6th and 7th there will be a “2 Dollar Day” sidewalk sale starting at 7:30 A.M.  The proceeds from this sale will benefit Moma Tina’s Mission House as well. T.O.P.S. is asking for all who can to come out and support the cause of feeding the hungry in the Wiregrass area and all the volunteers that can lend a hand with the sale itself.


sale 2



Well, that’s all there is coming from the hamster that hangs out at The Ordinary People Society folks, but between the garden, and the grub that Hammy is reporting about… Along with all the giving that’s going on… I think it’s not that hard to smell exactly what’s cookin’ in the kitchen on Tuesday’s at T.O.P.S.


The Dot

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