Friday, July 19, 2019

Snake Hunting With The Dot… #1


   She sits alone in a small room and waits. The strange people in the room are unrecognizable to her and they never have the time to stop and say hello or offer her any assistance. 32359560_2058341907529332_1751550399896092672_n

     Her son sits miles away and waits. His complaints about her condition have gone unheard by those who have been entrusted to care for his mother at Early Memorial Nursing Home because of the lack of interest from her court appointed guardian lawyer Barret Brown…, who sits on the corner of Bell and Adams streets in Dothan, and we don’t have a clue what he’s waiting for. Now here’s the skinny, Chuck.

     A local business owner over at Ted’s Temps named Charles Herring has been banned from seeing his mother Sandra Ann Stokes at the aforementioned facility for filing a complaint about Sandra’s deplorable living conditions and how her physical health seems to be on downhill slide. Remember Margaret, this information is provided as provided to the dotonline and is subject to verification and updates as deemed appropriate, but we do have documents to boot.

     Mr. Herring himself has given us the complaint number 2018-05-51970 where he filed against the nursing home that houses his mother since last July because she suffers from dementia and has been declared incompetent. This same facility has bad reviews online, you can read that here    and it’s parent company filed bankruptcy back in 2016 but for some reason this location instead of being closed has been allowed to continue to operate understaffed and unchecked for letting elderly people like Sandra share one toilet between four patients, and having to walk down the hallway even further just to shower as there is no working shower in their room.  


 He has been to the probate judge office to no avail, and has not received any valid reason from the court’s appointed guardian, Brown, as to why he was banned from seeing his mom. On a recent visit he found Sandra sitting in the small room half naked and unwashed. He went to the people in charge to get clean clothes and of course expressed his concerns about her care, but at that time, he did not find any remedy ro the atrocities that were going on. The dot is known for beating bushes and finding out where the snakes are. In this case, where the hell is Brown, where the hell are the nurses, and where the hell is DHR?  And, where the hell is Sandra’s new mattress? The one she’s sleeping on looks like something a jail would throw out and have replaced. :(…  By now you’re probably wondering why Mr. Herring has not expressed concerns beforehand huh, Chuck? Well the truth is that until here recently, he has not had transportation to go see his mom and witness these things for himself. Also he was also incarcerated until his release not too long ago and has since then built own his business up and has been employing other formerly incarcerated people and pumping money into the local economy. Reconnecting with his mother was a natural part of the process of his reentry to society. Therefore, he has been unaware of the way things were being handled up in Early County until now. By the way Margaret… they don’t allow cameras up there when you go to check this out but somehow we managed to get these photos of Sandra, who appears to also to now suffer from malnutrition, and has unexplained bruises.



     If anyone has any updates or comments, please let the dot know so we can publish them. We hope we didn’t wait too long to expose this, and we hope Someone comes up with something soon for Sandra’s sake because she sits in a small room and waits…


The Dot.


Update… Since the original post the dot has been informed by Mr. Herring that Houston County DHR had inquired about his mother’s weight loss and has been trying to find her a bed in Alabama, but the facility where she is at has been making the transition difficult by telling other facilities that this is a “problem case.”

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