Monday, June 24, 2019

…And The Winner Is…


Good afternoon all!

I hope that everyone concerned had a chance to get out to the polls yesterday and vote during the statewide Alabama primaries. I know, I Know.. Do the primaries really count? Yes indeed Margret, the primaries really do count. After fighting a long hard fight filled with obstacles after obstacles, the Glasgow camp was not disappointed in the final results at all. pastorG

As a matter of fact, the information gathered as a result of team Glasgow’s efforts was priceless, and gave a hint of the obstacles that this hardworking canvass team need to prepare for in the future. For one, the word GERRYMANDERING comes to mind by a shift in the place where the good old folks in Houston County could vote was a huge concern. Apparently, the polls at the Houston County Library were moved from a neutral and private location to the Dothan City Civic Center which is city owned and houses the mayor’s office as well as other political figures. Suddenly, those who were accustomed to going to the same place for years located close their homes were forced to regroup and go to a location that they may not have been prepared to go to on short notice. Wait a minute. Did I say short notice? Let me correct that. Apparently, there was actually no notice given by the powers that be to the constituents at all. If anyone out there can find anywhere where a notice was posted please let us know and we will gladly divulge that information. The position here at the D.O.T. Online is that we are left wondering how did such a move affect the results at the polls and who in the heck was responsible for getting that information out to the public so that we can find the rock that person is hiding under and see if we can’t get an explanation from that grubworm.


However, we will continue to post informative, unbiased updates during this race until the fat lady sings in the fall and the candidates are in their respective offices. After all this is still America right? We still have the right to vote right? Umm.. But what happens when grandma can’t make it in the heat to a poll at a different location on that red hoveround because the battery just died on the way to the Civic Center from the library. Did the powers that be just indirectly interfere with her right as a citizen of this great country? granny

Come on folks, even granny is free to vote, but if she doesn’t know where to go, somebody just did her a grave injustice and violated her civil rights. You can read the results listed by clicking on this link to the new york timesĀ


Better yet, swing on over to Pastor Glasgow’s facebook page and scroll down to some live feed from the folks at 99.1 WKCG for some further information as well as some post election interviews from some of the candidates.


Until next time family, have a great afternoon and always remember, there are no losers when we all learn something, especially when we learn who the hidden players in politcs are that pull strings and keep granny from the polls. Shame, Shame, Shame… i voted






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