Friday, July 19, 2019

No News Is Good News


26165807_1818706418140236_2712901412155993192_nGood Morning World!

If you have not had a chance to listen or watch this Glasgow guy lately, let me tell you what he’s been up to. For one, I know that first hand that he doesn’t keep up his web pages. If he did there would be no way that I could hack into his blog and post what I am posting now. Sooo… I can only reasonably assume that if he’s not in his office blogging,, he must be back on the streets. For that reason, I hit the streets myself last week to track him down and see if he would lend me some money. I found him on Headland avenue in Dothan Al. It was hot outside and he was sweating like a stuck pig under the hot southern Alabama sun. He was putting up street signs for a democratic candidate named Earl Jones.. Earl Jones?!?

I thought that guy was a psycologist or something but apparently he has been bitten by the whole “I’m out to make life better for folks” bug that Glasgow seems to impregnate into anyone who listens to him speak. I’m not buying it. I couldn’t help but notice that the good Pastor was also speaking highly of other people running for different offices in Alabama as well. I am doing some reaserch and writing an article to see exactly who, what, and why, these people are out there doing this stuff in the middle of nowhere that counts Dothan Alabama. Well, according to Glasgow, Dothan’s votes count and the people are free to vote. I will return shortly with the news, and as far as the money I asked for…. the slimeball wouldn’t give me any cash. He did buy my lunch though, and Churches Chicken never tasted so good… I swear. image



The Black Hacker.

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