Friday, July 19, 2019

Whats Happening with Pastor Kenneth Glasgow NOW


After a strong show of national support that eventually proved to be a catalyst in helping Pastor Glasgow make bail, people want to know exactly what rock he has been hiding up under so they can get his statement on his fickle state of affairs. There has not been much information from the Pastor himself verbally other than the now iconic “I am innocent,” phrase that has gone viral that he voiced after being released. Wait a minute… Doesn’t everyone who is charged with an alleged crime claim innocence? Yep. I did after running through two traffic lights and speeding away from the scene of that hit and run accident when I was 17 years old and dumb as a stump. I didn’t want to face my parents, the police, or the other person in the vehicle I hit while driving with the music on full blast and not paying attention to anything but the young lady who was sitting beside me at the time. Don’t people have a God given right to screw up every now and then and pass the buck? SMH. I decided to take it on myself to capitalize on this trending news by hacking into Glasgow’s personal website, (This One) and reporting what I have seen Glasgow doing lately. Glasgow_In_CourtThe problem is, the guy isn’t doing anything at all. I mean, he isn’t doing anything that he wasn’t already doing before the arrest. He’s still out on the streets registering people to vote. He’s still running around trying to feed, clothe, and help homeless people find a warm place to sleep. (I did notice that some of the properties he was previously privately renting and using as impromptu shelters have been emptied by the landlords who want to distance themselves from the whole Glasgow situation. I also noticed that the pastor has taken to renting hotel rooms as an alternative as it seems he is determined to get people off the streets.) The guy even has the nerve to put people to work a a decent wage and pay for their gas and lunch as often as he can. Just yesterday, I caught him praying for somebody at the store and smiling. I mean, the guy was smiling. Doesn’t he know that he’s on bail and facing a potential death penalty if everything went south? Speaking of going south, I don’t think he’s been traveling much to those out of town meetings like he used to, but I heard he was working a series of live webinars to keep organizing voters and restoring people’s rights. all of us or noneI can’t be the only one who sees through all this.. can I? It’s as if there is nothing in the world that can stop him from doing what he was doing. He’s even started a new positive message campaign on his social media sites… http



What is he trying to say? And… Whats up with the white rabbit?

How far down does the rabbit hole go with Glasgow and when will he get back from the other side of the looking glass? I will keep you posted… As long as don’t get caught by him posting on his website. I’ve heard white rabbits bite black people… Peace- Author Unknown.

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