Friday, July 19, 2019

Pastor Glasgow speaks out about Voting Rights


While Pastor Kenneth Glasgow is awaiting a date for the Grand Jury to meet and determine whether he gets indicted for Capitol Murder or not, he have received a lot of support from National Leaders, Funders, Advocates, and his latest group of allies, ( Formerly and Currently Incarcerated People ).

However this shouldn’t be a surprise for numerous reasons. First of all Pastor Glasgow was just the outside spokesperson for the Free Alabama Movement and the National Prison Strikers.  Which consisted of 20 states and approximately 40-50 prisons. But this time they will be doing more than just not going to work. Those Currently Incarcerated will be working like drones to get people to register to Vote and to Vote for them and their interest.

Now this became very controversial in December when Doug Jones(D),  and Roy Moore(R) ran against eachother for the Senate seat that was held by U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions.

To the point that Moore spoke out against Pastor Glasgow and his effort to register to Vote  People with Felonies. Whether they were In jail or prison, Or not.

so now as we approach the Primary Elections there will be a new Voter at the table A Voter that will not be influenced by the political speeches and buying of people. These new Voters will be a little more focused and poised on their interest. Looking at the tract record of each candidate and what he/she really stands for. How they have  opted in the past and the candidates  interest in the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, voting Rights and much more.

So here’s my question to the candidates? How do you appeal to a Voting Block that you’ve never had to deal with before. So this may Be challenging for even the most seasoned candidate.

The people inside Alabama Prisons will be able to Vote from where they are but their Absentee Ballots will be counted in the County where they came from. That’s going to make a major impact on most of the 2018 elections in the state of Alabama .

The Movement for Voting Rights by Formerly Incarcerated and Currently Incarcerated is underway. Come on and join the Movement.



Look for the Billboards near9E269021-52FD-4B9D-897C-50CCDC924E63 0BEFC23E-9857-4AC8-9ED6-998877943516 you!!!

You can donate to help those in and out of prison and jail by going to The Ordinary People Society and the Prodigal Child Project with the help of other organizations.

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