Monday, June 24, 2019

Donald Trump’s Prisoners Vs. ????


Hello Family,


Yesterday, the New York times published an article which you can read here. The article basically re-informs us of the position of President Trump on the torture practices, and lack of due process to the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. He said that he would “absolutely authorize” torturing the prisoners who are there who have still not been formerly charged a crime after years of captivity. (The New York Times) Personally, I’m just a content writer and I don’t speak for anyone’s opinion other than my own so…


The question is, have you ever seen a man be forced fed to eat because he was on a hunger strike? These are some of the tactics being used on these prisoners back in 2013. You can watch Mos Def subject himself to this treatment to bring awareness here on Bing…


or HERE on YouTube.


That way you can have your own opinion. This information was published by a You Tuber named “The Gaurdian.”  Then the question becomes, what  type of person would “absolutely authorize” for another human being to endure this…




In God We Trust,

Edward Jones






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