Saturday, February 23, 2019

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! We at T.O.P.S. would like to express our deepest appreciation for everyone who helps us in our organization with their time and other resources to help us to accomplish our goals in ministry and community support. We have been fortunate to have been entrusted by several concerned citizens and organizations to help in many capacities as well as deliver updates on the actions we take. Firstly, we want to say thanks to everyone for their patience in waiting for updates as some of our activities frequently take us outside of the office and on the road to other places in the field. Secondly, we would like to announce that we have taken steps to add additional staff members that should be able to help us with the office load that we currently have as well as play key roles in keeping our website and social media content up to date over this upcoming year and we could always use additional help from anyone who would like to volunteer. Over the next week, we will post information in the form of flashbacks to make for sure that everyone is caught up to date on the things we have done as well as announce plans that we have for the upcoming months. Lastly, we ask for your continued support in the form of prayers and donations of time and resources so that we can be successful in the work that God has ordained for us to do in our non-profit organization. If anyone has any additional updates, please email them to ​​. For now, here is a quick review in pictures for the month of December 2017 in which we were able to take huge steps in the movement to get formerly incarcerated people the registered to vote and also to the polls as well as looking to the needs of a local family who has been suffering through the holiday season in Troy, Alabama. There will be more information coming during the upcoming weeks and hopefully everything will be up to date very soon. Thank you for all your support. Without ordinary people such as yourselves, there would truly not be a need for The Ordinary People Society.




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