Monday, August 20, 2018

In The Spirit of Freedom


Good Afternoon!



I hope that everyone had a great Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and a great day at work! We here at T.O.P.S had a wonderful time yesterday marching with fellow citizens here in Dothan in memory of Dr. King’s dream. We are thankful for all who participated as well as grateful for the bottles of water passed out to those who marched when we arrived at our final destination at Greater Beulah Church. We also continue our work knowing that Dr. King’s dream has not come to a conclusion.

The true power of a dream lies in the endurance of the Spirit that caused a need for the dream in the first place. The Spirit of Freedom that was the catalyst for Martin’s dream is still very much alive and it is also one of the driving forces behind our efforts in The Ordinary People Society. Consider this…   Have you ever dreamed that you were flying, or that you had a perfect day with a loved one? Those are the types of dreams that we wish would never end. They are fueled by our deep inner needs for breaking free or our heart’s desire for love. These dreams always seem to reoccur in different forms during our lives because we as human beings constantly change in all areas of our lives as our needs transform daily. True  freedom in our lives can not be achieved as long as there is captivity of the mind, heart, body or soul. Therefore, both the captor and the captive remain bound in captivity because both are suffering. The captor is dependent on its captive and vise versa. Where there is dependence, independence does not exist.

Dr. King realized these things when he spoke after learning of threats on his life on June 5, 1964. He said,” If physical death is the price I must pay to free my white brothers and sisters from a permanent death of the spirit, then there is nothing more redemptive.” ( King knew that both blacks and whites were being held captive. Some were captive to hate and some were captive to fear, but both remain inevitably chained to each other. Until all of the human race tastes true freedom, then the entire race is held captive by itself unless it is freed by a sacrifice of unconditional love. It is our belief that this sacrifice has come through Jesus Christ and that is the foundation built that we strive to build upon.


For this reason, we attempt to continue our work in the same enduring Spirit of Freedom that those before us lived in and hope that we as a people remain flexible with each other in our weaknesses as imperfect and ordinary people. Flexibility is the key to growth and endurance. Growth and endurance are traits of unconditional love, which is a core part of the DNA of the Spirit of Freedom.

On one final note, our halfway houses continue to grow, and we continue to endure to provide a place for formerly incarcerated individuals to live outside of the stone walls and fences that some may have called home for years. We are in current need of beds and bedding supplies as well as donations to provide for our newly freed brothers and sisters. We thank you in advance for you support and for your prayers for us.  Let’s not grow weary in well doing, because until all of us are well, then our entire family on earth in all races and creeds remains in need of healing. In the Spirit of Love and Freedom, let us continue to feed, clothe, and heal each other regardless of the costs and in expectation of  eternal life and liberty.






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