Saturday, February 23, 2019

Do you Really want this Life


This Life of an advocate is not what you think it is. There at times in the beginning when you find yourself all alone, and you have to be the secretary, president, Vice President, and the fan club. There’s no need for a treasurer because you don’t have any money.
You stay up all night and day, living off of maybe two to three hours of sleep. Fighting for people that start off appreciating you but then criticizing you because you didn’t do or accomplish what they expected you to.
The same people who may give you a helping hand and lift you up eventually becomes your enemy. Because they start to feel you’ve gotten to big for your self and gotten out of your lane. Not realizing that they have actually helped you find your lane and broaden it. You become public enemy number one because people that speak the truth speak hate to people that hate the truth.
You constantly get ridiculed by the media and maybe just maybe you get lucky and they quote exactly what you’ve said and don’t put it out of context to mean something you didn’t say. Then if you’re still surviving after every trick that the system can play on you is played you might get a little acknowledging. However you are still no threat, just a loud mouth, nuisance, and troublemaker, oh or maybe you’ll get the big title of being a racist, but you’re not a threat because you have no money. Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to be Blessed by God to have changed some laws and/or policies and made a difference in someone else’s life. But if that be the case you will be attacked and your character assassinated to make your voice unacceptable, and guess who the establishment will use to go against you. The same people you’ve helped.
That you sacrificed your life for. The ones that you cried with and for will now be the ones that help the effort to destroy you.
So you find yourself alone again. With no one but a few faithful people that remained with you. You cry out to God and plan your exit to leave that area and God steps in and tell you that you didn’t chose this life. God chose you for this life, so you have no choice in this matter. So then you have to begin to fight those whom you’ve helped while at the same time helping them to see the error of their ways and you strategize. You seek God and ask Him to help you and then your advocacy truly begins. Because now there’s no fan base, there’s no support, there’s no funds to fall back on, no media. All you have is your work and your now new experience of being crucified by your own ( sound familiar ). So you give up your hurt, your pain, your disappointment, and your reputation that you’ve just spent years to build, and you help them without them knowing it. Then you change more laws and ordinances while they’re still trying to destroy you. You still have to sacrifice your life and fight for them. If you are truly an ADVOCATE.
The friends you once had are gone, the advisors you depended on are silent and separating themselves from you because they don’t want to be affiliated with the controversy attached to you, even though you’ve allowed your credibility to be destroyed for them, they will never go public for you. Remember you’re the Advocate not them. You become alone again. But this time you have the experience, you change your fight, you realize it’s not against people in an office. It’s a system that’s in place. You start to fight that system now. Your skin is thicker. Your people are starting to wake up now. They start to believe in you again, but your paranoia will not allow you to just relinquish all your thoughts or your whole vision, you’re cautious now, your eyes are open, and you rely on that paranoia because now you know it’s your reality. You really see who’s who and what’s what now.
And guess what???
You’re alone again !!!
That’s the life of an ADVOCATE
You really want this life???
If you do then join me in my lonely place because you wear the title, but you’re not with me. ALONE

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