Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Student Suspended In The Name of Christianity


In my experience in advocacy and fighting for others. I’ve never seen a child subject to the modern day encounters of racism, especially in the name of Christianity.
I witnessed today a young Black Male with an impeccable record, with 4 offers to different colleges while only in the 10th grade. Being expelled from a Christian Academy School for using profanity.
While the rules were very plain and clear that profanity is not to be used on or off campus. This young man was expelled for a private conversation back and forth between him and another student at the same school. Now had it been social media, emails, or threatening in any kind of way, I would have thought differently. But to add insult to injury, these text were brought to the School by the young ladies mother which were dated Aug 12 of this year. Note that this is Sept 25th 2017.
The rationale behind this told to me is that this is a Christian School and I quote. I then asked, ” well if it’s a Christian School ran by Christian principles then where’s the forgiveness, the redemption, and the not throwing the child away.
One of the things that stand out to me is the question whether School was even in session or not.
Now even though this was a private school they are still subject to the boundaries set by the Alabama Education Association.

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