Friday, January 18, 2019

What Makes YOU An Advocate???


I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I think it’s about time to address it. There’s a lot of people out here these days that have been labeled by the media, bloggers, and themselves, as advocates.
Now by definition it is somebody that supports or fights for a cause, but I would love to ask you a series of questions.
I have taught before. Teaching my children, teaching other people how to get people their rights back, teaching people who to call for certain things, but that doesn’t make me have the office or title of a teacher.
I’ve even taught my son how to box but that doesn’t make me a boxer.
In the Church in order for a Preacher to become an Ordained Minister there must be a laying on of hands by another Ordained Minoster. Usually that Preacher is accompanied by other Ordained ministers in order to establish the candidate as an Ordained Minoster. This should be the same ethics followed for any kind of title of leadership or advocacy. No media, bloggers, or self proclaimed person should not be named or claim this title without the declaration of someone who have earned that title by work and not by media, bloggers, or one simple incident, event, or fight.
It also needs to be mentioned that advocates fight for others and not their On cases. When you fight for yourself that’s just it, a fight. That does not declare you as an advocate. In the world today we have to many people competing for a title and to open up their own organization not realizing that it’s weakening all of our unified strength.
When we should be completing eachother. We are competing with eachother. Yet we claim we are fighting for the same cause.
We fall into the cliche of divide and conquer by our own volition.
We diminish the fight against our oppressors by stifling our own voices trying to see who can speak the loudest instead of who does the greatest work. So the work then becomes the deciding factor.
Who has fought the most causes for the most people. Who has changed the most laws. Who has been doing the work the longest, and who has the most experience.
The uncommon factor that determines an advocate is also who has been fought the most. Who has been attacked by the system or powers that be so to speak to silence their voice. Because evidently they have become very effective.
People are placed and given this title of advocacy sometimes by the powers that be in order to cause a wedge between the Community and cause competition which leads to division, which leads to weakening of all parties standing up for their people.
The sad reality is that they will give some money and support to help create these divisive tactics, and we fall for them every time.
So then the most powerful group or organization becomes weaker by the split that was caused by the very people that both groups were fighting.
We as a people are use to the field, being that we were placed in the field and worked there from sun up to sun down. We learned paths and all kinds of things that were hidden in the field.
However we are not familiar with the air. And Jim Crow has gotten very sophisticated over the years. So there’s now what’s called high tech lynching. When they destroy a true advocates character. This is called psychological warfare.
But what if we all would stay in our own lanes. Do what we do best and stop competing with eachother but start completing eachother. Then we would become that movement that we actually profess to be. With every intricate part working together as one.
Then and only then will we be in the power to change the plight before us.

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