Monday, August 20, 2018

Let’s Save Our Children


We at WKCG 99.1fm and have been informed by numerous parents that there’s something that needs to be done about our children and this Zero Tolerance policy.
It has been reported to us that a 5 year child that has been diagnosed with multiple mental issues has Ben placed in PASS Academy for acting out in class. To add insult to injurie the school called the police. On a 5 year old child.
The problem is that the child is not only known to the school about his mental issues, but the school gives the young man his daily dose of medicine everyday at 11:00 o’clock.
Now what makes that even more alarming is that the teacher says there’s nothing she can do. Her attitude is that the child just needs to be placed somewhere else where she doesn’t have to deal with him.
Thank God for the School Board Special Ed Coordinator in Houston County who told the teacher that she will deal with the child and do it accordingly.
We will have updated interviews with the mother and other mothers who says that Beyer having the same problems.
If you are having troubles as well please get in touch with us at
We are also setting up a rally to” Save Our Children ” on Oct 28th with an all star Panel nationally and locally that are experts in dealing with problems concerning our children.
A lot of points will be highlighted, such as the school to prison pipeline, mental issues of our children, the Zero tolerance policy, and much much more!!
We need your help in spreading the word and helping us to SAVE OUR CHILDREN

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