Monday, August 20, 2018

Well the Old Saying Lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice is not working!


IMG_2747IMG_2752IMG_2759That’s not a true saying for Kenyetta Rich.
Just two days ago her family just escaped tragedy when a man and woman having a domestic dispute ran into Kenyetta Rich’s parked car. The God part is that her children usually frequent the area where the car ran off of the road, struck a fence, and ran into Kenyetta’s car that was parked in her driveway and then pushed into her house. It was told to us that they two were arguing and the woman grabbed the wheel causing the accidents.

Well in trying to recover from that because her husband had just left from inside the parked car getting his cigarettes and phone.
He made it approximately 3-5ft away when the car came through the fence hitting the very car he had just got out of seconds before.

Now today on 9/11 while we are all preparing and anticipating Hurricane Irmas arriving. The tree most likely affected by the winds and rain. Fell on the replacement/loaner car that was actually under the shed.
Pictures below !!!
We are out here trying to be as much assistance as we can.
Any power outages, accidents, news, and/or things that need to be known and reported. Please call us @ 334-791-2433

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