Friday, January 18, 2019

Shop “tax free” for back to school supplies this weekend only


DOTHAN, Al. (WTVY) – This weekend, you can shop “tax-free” on certain items in Alabama, like diapers and back to school gear. This is the first year the state is holding the holiday in July.

Erica Drew is shopping for 3 kids; she decided it was best to shop before the weekend sale to avoid the crowds.

“I don’t feel like it benefits enough, because I shop the sales no matter what, so I don’t think it’s worth it,” said Drew.

But she isn’t wrong. One trip to Target, the day before the sales tax weekend, shopping for a kindergartener, was $82.84, including $6.84 in sales tax. Friday, $75.85 was spent on the exact same items with $3.52 in sales tax. That sales tax was applied to the cleaning supplies and household products on the list, all of the school supplies were not taxed.

“For some families, it’s a difference between a meal or two,” said fourth grade teacher Alicia Reynolds shopping for some students. “For mine, it’s not that big of a difference but when I’m paying for school supplies out of my own pocket, that [sales tax] makes a difference.”In addition to buying school supplies for her own children, Reynolds also buys supplies for some of her students. She says there are usually a handful of students who come to class unprepared.

“It is a financial struggle for some people to be able to afford all these items, some of our kids are not able to purchase supplies so I always try to have extra so if they can’t purchase them, I have them.”

There are some ways to maximize your savings this weekend. First, do your homework. Know what’s on your list and look up any big-ticket items before you hit the store. Second, stack sales and coupons with the tax-free weekend. Third, make a list so you stay on track. Last but not least, get there early to avoid crowds

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