Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Kid Is Not Crazy documentary screening in Dothan


PANDAS is an autoimmune illness. A new documentary, My Child Is Not Crazy, tells the story of six families dealing with the illness ncluding one little boy from Dothan.

Logan Burkett is 7 years old now. A few years ago, his grandmother noticed he was fine one day and acting out the next. That’s when she knew, they needed to see the doctor.

She says, “He just literally transformed, almost overnight”

PANDAS is an autoimmune illness that affects the brain.

Dr. Claude Ashley says, “Most of these children are ones who are doing well in the classroom on Tuesday then on Wednesday, they wake up very anxious”

Dothan pediatrician Claude Ashley says some things to look for are symptoms of ADD, ADHD, or problems with math or writing.

Logan’s grandma Gina Jurek says, “Out of nowhere he had severe anxiety to the point of clinging to our legs when someone would leave”

She says they caught it early, got blood work done and got Logan on antibiotics.

He’s doing better, but not cured and you see that in the new documentary “My Kid Is Not Crazy”

It shows the real life pain six families go through.

Logan’s grandma wants to spread awareness.

She says, “I still find that everyone I talk to, they look at me like, huh?”

Doctor Ashley says if you notice sudden changes in your kids actions, you should take them to get checked by the doctor as soon as possible.

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