Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Breaking down Barriers for the Formerly Incarcerated


Last week, following the “Justice or Else” rally in Washington, DC, I had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Kenneth Glasgow of The Ordinary People Society, an advocate for harm reduction, prison reform, and restoration of rights and opportunities for formerly incarcerated people. 
Pastor Glasgow and his colleagues were given a brief platform at the event, during which they focused on the Ban the Box initiative and rights for formerly incarcerated people. Glasgow and a coalition of colleagues from several other groups, drawn from a broad range of backgrounds, have been working with the US Justice Department and policymakers to push the Ban the Box campaign forward and work toward solutions to the ongoing wave of police violence against people of color (a problem Glasgow has stressed crosses racial boundaries as well).
Pastor Glasgow stressed that, in an era where people of color are vilified and whose killings at the hands of police are regularly excused by the mainstream media and policymakers, coverage of the Justice or Else rally, a peaceful event which brought together a diverse group spanning generations, received almost no attention. This follows a disturbing trend by a national media which seems determined to craft a narrative that favors certain voices and which silences the voices and places little value on the lives of others.

Go here to read full article:http://makingnoiseinthesouth.com/index.php/2015/10/21/opening-doors-and-breaking-down-barriers-justice-for-the-formerly-incarcerated/

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