Friday, July 19, 2019

United Methodist Women going against Publix


Publix: “May your practices reflect God’s care. The world is watching.”

United Methodist Women chastise Publix for rejecting Fair Food Program, celebrate deep and growing partnership with farmworkers…

United Methodist Women just won’t take no for an answer when it comes to food justice and Florida’s supermarket giant, Publix!

Last week we posted a story about UMW’s incredible video, a moving look at three generations of United Methodist Women who are putting their faith into action for Fair Food.

Today we have two more great updates from United Methodist Women (UMW) to share with you. First, UMW released another great video last week, this one a broader look at their growing partnership with the CIW for farmworker justice. And second, we have a report from the United Methodist Church’s recent Florida Annual Conference in Lakeland, FL (which, we probably don’t have to remind you, is Publix’s hometown) where Florida’s United Methodist community sent Publix an unmistakable message: Farmworkers are a vital part of our community, and to turn your back on farmworkers is to turn your back on us!

First, the video. Produced by UMW for their National Assembly in Louisville this past April, the video was created in order to shine a light on the Campaign for Fair Food as a concrete, living example of UMW’s vision of “faith, hope, love in action.” To capture the spirit of UMW’s involvement, they sent a videographer to both of the major tour stops along the recent Now is the Time Tour.

At its internal debut in April, the video was shown to 10,000 women at the Louisville gathering — including none other than former Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing it with many thousands more:

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