Sunday, April 19, 2015

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civil Forfeiture gets defeated in new mexico

Finally some people are checking and see that while civil forfeiture may have started off with good intentions it has been along time since it has been used for anything but greed. Maybe more states will see this and jump on the bandwagon. They are trying to fix the original concept and making it so they can seize items used ... Read More »

Advocacy group faces budget problems that could close them

We truly need groups like this to fight for victims rights hopefully the cuts will not be as large as expected.   this was originally posted on Murder victims’ advocacy group facing 50 percent budget cut from Alabama lawmakers 1 / 5 About 350 crosses representing Alabama’s murder victims in 2014 are currently displayed on the lawn ... Read More »

Dothan Superintendent search narrowed to 6 candidates

The search for superintendent has been narrowed down to 6 candidates please read the full story at Dothan Read More »

new drug “spice” is causing severe health risks

There have been almost 100 people that have gone to the emergency room for health issues in Alabama in the past few weeks  after taking this drug that it is hard to even know what is in it as it can be made up  of anything. Not knowing what you are getting is the most dangerous portion of this. You don’t ... Read More »

Student overcomes dyslexia to make headway toward a degree

    This is truly a feel good story . If you have enough determination you can overcome things that may seem to hold you back. You don’t have to let any type of disability hold you back from getting a good education. this was posted on Dothan eagle     Wallace Community College student overcomes dyslexia, testing anxiety ... Read More »

Several Parks on the list for closure due to budget cuts

  This is quite tragic as most public state parks are very affordable mini getaways for families that cant afford to go to theme parks. They are great places to have great outside activities and old fashioned family fun. Hopefully they will be able to get some money for the budget.   this was originally posted on Four ... Read More »

Wait times still not improving for Veterans in Alabama

The veterans are our hero’s and we are failing on our promise to take care of them in return for them giving their lives to fight for our freedoms. This should be one of the most important issues in Washington and yet it is a headline for a few weeks and then it fades into the shadows again. This was ... Read More »

Houston county Gives Day 4/17/15

there are so many organizations out there that do so much good and rely on the support of their volunteers. Please see if you can attend and learn how you can make a difference!   this was originally posted on dothan Houston County Gives Day set for Friday Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 5:27 pm Jim Cook Education ... Read More »

CEO raises employees minimum wage to $70,000 a year

This is truly the way it should be. The rich dont need to accumulate so much wealth that they wont be able to spend it. You need to make sure your employees who are doing the hard work are reaping the benefit of a successful business as well.  This is an example of a truly powerful leader he should be ... Read More »

student at Honeysuckle middle arrested with handgun in his possession

It is scary to think how easy it must have been to have what is basically a child have such easy accesss to a deadly weapon. As responsible adults we certainly need to be aware of the weapons that we rightfully own to make sure that tragedies do not occur because kids or even other adults may have easy access ... Read More »

Wiregrass in the running for new company that could lead to 1000 new jobs

I certainly hope that this new company sees how great this area can be for a new industry. Hopefully this will be the economic boost that Henry county needs to get back on its feet after being at a loss for major jobs for so long   this was originally posted on dothan Henry County in running for ... Read More »

Maryland legislature approves voting rights for probation and parole

It is goog to see the movement happening and that this may be the start of one small state at a time looking and seeing what is right and fair. this was posted on sentencing     April 10, 2015 Disenfranchisement News: MD legislature approves voting rights for people on probation & parole Maryland: Legislature approves voting rights ... Read More »

Troy Students charged with rape at Panama city beach

This is such a sad case especially since the victim was not going to come forward for whatever reason. We need to make sure that we tell people to come forward and not be afraid of speaking the truth and sticking up for themselves. this was originally posted on 2 Troy students charged in PCB gang rape appear ... Read More »

Represenative John knight pushes for tax free groceries

Democratic rep.  Knightis introducing a bill to try to remove the tax on groceries. He states that it would be beneficial to the state because the customers would spend more instead of going to neighbor states that have no sale tax on groceries.   this was originally posted on Read More »

Week of heavy rain has roads in bad condition

The local meteorologist states that this rain will be here all week and had washed out some roads in Florida. With the continued weather they are urging you to be careful when you drive. Some roads in mobile and Baldwin County have been shut down due to flooding situation   please read the full article on and be safe ... Read More »

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