Monday, May 25, 2015

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New trials could be coming in the Massachusetts chemist who falsified reports and drug tests

It is unbelievable that somebody with such an important job in the judicial system would not take it seriously and would jeopardize so many cases for whatever reason she had I hope that the truth comes out   this was originally posted on Massachusetts Justices Clear Way for New Trials in Cases Chemist May Have Tainted By ... Read More »

Small children really can be our future

The story about the boy at the waffle house helping a homeless man and wondering why others were not is a beautiful story. It really does beg the question why dont we see through the eyes of a child more often without the cynicism that we gain as we age.   This amazing story is on Read More »

Governer Bentley set to sign prison reform law

Governor Bentley will sign the new prison reform bill into law today at 2 pm. This bill was a lot of hard work with the help of many individuals including Sen. Cam Ward and Kenneth Glasgow and many more. This is such a great moment to know that change is occurring after all of their hard work   The full ... Read More »

Alabama participated in prescription drug abuse by healthcare officials roundup

“Operation Pilluted” took place over 4 states including alabama. This was to round up healthcare officials that were giving narcotics to people that they were aware had a drug abuse problem basically making this workers fancy drug dealers   please read the whole story at Read More »

Student loans are crushing the dreams of once eager students

We tell ourselves and our children college is the key to a better life we encourage higher education. Yet the price we pay to go there is sometimes impossible. When you graduate you are more than likely saddled with a student loan that will take 10-20 years to pay back and after you receive your degree you may not be ... Read More »

experiment with open carry guns shows that race plays a factor

This is certainly a disturbing experiment but it certainly must be pointed out that this experiment was not done in the same area so you cant really compare the reactions in that way   However it is still not a comforting issue the full story including video of the experiment is at         Black vs ... Read More »

new jobs in the wiregrass area 5/18/15

here is a list of jobs posted on for the Dothan area please go to for more details Associate Dentist DDS / DMD (General Dental Practice) Aspen Dental • AL-Dothan-36303 • 5/18/2015 Accountant III AmerisourceBergen • AL-Dothan-36301 • 5/18/2015 UPS Full-time Dockworker with CDL UPS • AL-DOTHAN-36303 • 5/18/2015 General Manager, Sales Manager, Sales, Owner, Operator The Master’s ... Read More »

Alabama ministry helps those in need that are unable to get assistance elsewhere

Its always wonderful to hear about programs that say they are going to help people and see that they actually do. This organization helps out people that need help with the quality of their homes. We certainly need to make sure that people have a safe and secure place to live as it is the most basic of our human ... Read More »

New superintendent for Dothan city schools chosen

A new superintendent has been chosen for Dothan city schools today this was originally posted on   Charles Ledbetter new superintendent of Dothan City Schools Previous Next JAY HARE / DOTHAN EAGLE Charles Ledbetter reception Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz (right) talks with Charles Ledbetter during a reception in Ledbetter’s honor on May 13. Ledbetter has been selected to ... Read More »

No knock raids happen almost 20,000 times a year

I h ave to say i am certain that there are situations that do need these type of  arrests however it seems like people are being told they can skip the rules if they dont want to go through the long process of obtaining permission and that seems that it is definitely the reason that either innocent people get hurt ... Read More »

Statistics about poverty in alabama

this was posted on By Brendan Kirby | Email the author | Follow on Twitter on May 16, 2015 at 7:00 AM, updated May 16, 2015 at 7:04 AM   0 Reddit The big picture of Alabama Possible’s annual poverty snapshot is old news to most Alabamians: The state is the nation’s sixth-poorest, one spot worse than ... Read More »

Massachusetts offers new program for drug addicts instead of arrests

This is the type of program Alabama needs to look into not only would help with overcrowding but would help get people the help they need instead of getting them involved in a debtors prison   this was posted on Instead Of Arresting Drug Addicts, These Massachusetts Cops Are Offering Free Treatment The Huffington Post  |  By Eleanor ... Read More »

STate budget cuts hits hard

We don’t need cuts we need more funding Medicaid is in bad shape already as well as the people receiving mental health services we don’t need to hurt them more we need to help them this is also hurting the new prison reforms that were just passed to help make conditions more humane and . We need to call our ... Read More »

Lottery bill passed first obstacle

This would be such a move forward for our state. this could add jobs, taxes, money that we desperately  need for government funded programs that are being cut. WE need to have Alabama move forward not staying behind   This was originally posted on Alabama lottery and casino plan advances in Senate Print Email By Mike Cason | ... Read More »

Local Attorney charged with DUI

Local attorney charged with DUI   this was posted on Dothan   Dothan attorney charged with DUI, weapons violation   Previous Next Valerie Dawson Judah Valerie Dawson Judah    Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2015 11:21 am | Updated: 6:01 pm, Thu May 14, 2015.  Dothan attorney charged with DUI, weapons violation Staff Reports A Dothan attorney ... Read More »

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