Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Ventress Prison on Lockdown

Ventress Prison is on lockdown again. An inmate was stabbed 8-9 times on Saturday during a mini riot. The phones were cut off to keep the public from knowing until late Sunday. They are cut off again and have been all day as they have had another stabbing today and most of the camp is on lockdown. Phones are off ... Read More »

Illusion of Democracy

Watch the video and read the story about what really happened on Election Day in Alabama. In The Wiregrass the tension was so high, so much disrespect, voter intimidation, voter suppression, racial epithets, and so much more. Read More »

Dothan Houston County Library ask for your help.

The Dothan Houston County Library System wants your input about the role of libraries in Dothan and Houston County. We asked you what you wanted the physical space to be and you told us – that led to the beautiful new facilities in Downtown Dothan and Westgate Park. Now we are asking you to help shape our Strategic Plan for ... Read More »

Katherine Thomas Complaint Questions Moody on the Dothan Police Force

While we have had a group of ladies and children in front of our County Courthouse shouting ” No More Silence, No More Violence ” Advocating for Domestic Violence! A Federal Judge that has been asked to release his seat. We have Katherine Thomas filing a complaint on Officer Moody who shot her son Christopher Thomas 2 years ago. The ... Read More »

Alabama Supreme Court: That’s not bingo

On Friday, the Alabama Supreme Court issued a well-reasoned, no-nonsense ruling on electronic bingo that should be the final word on the matter, as it strikes at the heart of Alabama voters’ intent when they approved a patchwork of constitutional amendments to allow bingo to be played in several Alabama counties. The state’s high court considered an appeal from the ... Read More »

Separation of Church and Plate Read More »

Double Jeopardy     n an April night in 1997, when Shonelle Jackson was eighteen, he went out to a local club in Montgomery, Alabama. As he and several friends watched a d.j. perform, a young man called Cocomo—a gang member from across town—walked up behind him and slapped him in the head, then ran off. The next day, Jackson, who ... Read More »

The Racist Origins of Felon Disenfranchisement The state laws that barred nearly six million people with felony convictions from voting in the midterm elections this month date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when Southern lawmakers were working feverishly to neutralize the black electorate. Poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses and cross burnings were effective weapons in this campaign. But statutes that allowed ... Read More »

Jeremy Jones aquitted

Jeremy Jones was acquitted today and yesterday. He was originally charged with Attempted Murder, and a Convicted Felon with a violent crime in possession of a firearm. As the Jury heard testimony from the State witnesses and the Defense. Their faces showed many different expressions of disbelief, confusion, and concern when certain things that came out. Really didn’t make any ... Read More »

The Shrimp Basket

I had the pleasure to eat at this fine establishment called the Shrimp Basket in Montgomery,AL. I was greeted at the door by Nick who showed exceptional manners as a host ( age 17 ). The atmosphere was extremely clean and friendly, I sat at the bar, my order was taken by Alisha who was very polite and friendly, and ... Read More »

Just Getting Out

It has been one week today. Seven days of freedom for someone who has been incarcerated for almost a year to the day of her arrest. Six months were spent in the county jail from hell. Six of the worst months of this woman’s life of being beaten down and made to feel less than the cockroaches that ran amok ... Read More »

Transgender Woman Locked in a Cell with her RAPIST

Read More »


After two days of sitting here at the Voters Registrars office I see a real slack in our Voter participation already. I have some issues that I’m dealing with concerning people being stricken off the Voting list that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN OFF!!! This has been found to be happening in several counties throughout Alabama. Read More »

Growing Up In Dothan ( Save Our Children )

Living in the Dothan area all my life I have seen a drastic change in the youth of our community. Growing up here as a kid, was just that, we were able to be kids. Our parents worked, we stayed at Big Mammas house, and on Sundays the family gathered for dinner. We stayed connected. We had praying grandparents. On ... Read More »

Former Houston County Correctional Officer

Dothan Dothan, Alabama would be a nice place to live if the police harassment was not as bad as it is. People can’t even ride to the store without being stopped and harassed by Dothan police. Just my personal opinion, the Dothan police is a major problem! Most are very racist and just simply have it out for black people. ... Read More »

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