Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Casualties of The Drug War

Pastor Kenneth-Sharpton-Glasgow The Ordinary People Society (T.O.P.S.) topsociety@yahoo.com (334) 791-2433 PRESS RELEASE September 2, 2014 For Immediate Release The Prodigal Child Project “The Truth About America’s Drug War” Part I The Prodigal Child Project is a spiritual, civil, and social movement. Presently, more than 5.3 million American citizens are being denied their basic civil and human rights. Part of the ... Read More »

A Week of Moral Action

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow The Ordinary People Society (T.O.P.S.) (334) 791-2433 topsociety@yahoo.com August 22, 2014 The Ordinary People Society (T.O.P.S.) Release Date: Immediate Press Release Moral Monday Movement ~~ August 22-28, 2014 ​A Week of Moral Action ​ ​Jericho March around State Capitol ​600 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, Al Criminal Justice/Due Process ~~ August 26, 2014 ~~ 3-5:00 p.m. The Ordinary People ... Read More »

Southern Movement Assembly

Southern Movement Assembly in Atlanta Approx. 250 people Over 100 organizations! Doing training and teaching on Civic Engagement and Political Power. Read More »

Federal Judge goes to JAIL for Domestic Violence

Now how would you like to go before a Judge to sentence you who’s been convicted of a crime themselves. On one hand society frowns upon that, and looks at that in a very demeaning way. However those that has been convicted of crimes themselves say that he might be more lenient now since he’s been convicted of a crime ... Read More »

Missouri Police Shooting

With the world looking at St Louis Missouri and what’s going on up there. Today we had the first disposition hearing for the Chris Thomas case. You all should remember the Chris Thomas case. The young man who was shot and killed on Montgomery Hwy by Officer Darrien Moody. There’s a lot of conflicting stories about this case as to ... Read More »

Greg Tiller and Civil Rights

Greg Tiller who was chained to the city courthouse doors a couple of months ago. Went to court today for Bail Jumping 2nd degree. After talking to him after he left the courthouse, he stated that he still feels violated. When he has to go through all this for turning himself in. He said that certain folks showed up to ... Read More »

Working in the community-Troop 38

Troop 38 working at Moma Tina’s Mission House. Read More »

Dothan Police Dept Press Release

Dothan Police Department 210 North Saint Andrews Street Dothan, Alabama 36303 Gregory J. Benton Chief of Police (334) 615-3000 E-mail dpd@dothan.org Press Release July 27, 2014 On July 25th, 2014 the Dothan Police Department responded to the 3200 block of Fortner Street following a 9-1-1 emergency call in which a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, officer’s ... Read More »

TOPS Youth Talent Show

TOPS 6:00 pm today Youth Talent Show Appearance by Evander Holifield Read More »

Announcement of names for Sherriff Houston County

Announcements of the names who are in the running for Sherriff. They will go before the committee on Monday night and it will be determined from there. More information to come as it come in. William Jeff Carlisle ,Donald Valenza Kenneth Robinson ,Randall K Anderson ,Benny Dobbs ,Carlton Bubba Ott 6 candidates for Houston Co Sheriff Your browser does not ... Read More »

Dothan Police Dept Press Release

The Dothan Police Department is conducting a city wide search of a missing elderly woman. The woman, Joann Gregory, is an 82 year old white female who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and was last seen wearing turquoise pajamas at approximately 3:00 am at 201 Pine Tree. I’ve attached a picture of Gregory. Please get this information out to your audiences. ... Read More »

Dothan Police Dept. Press Release

Dothan Police Department 210 North Saint Andrews Street Dothan, Alabama 36303 Gregory J. Benton Chief of Police (334) 615-3000 E-mail dpd@dothan.org Media Alert July 23, 2014 Dothan Junior Police Academy Graduation Please join us on July 24th, 2014 at Wiregrass Park Recreation Center and help celebrate the completion of the 2014 July Session of the Junior Police Academy. This session ... Read More »

Prodigal Child Project Tour

Prodigal Child Tour Read More »

Break In Free the Vote

July 17, 2014 For immediate release For more information contact: Pastor Kenneth Glasgow Topssociety@yahoo.com 334-791-2433 Southern organizers join Pastor Glasgow to “break in” to Alabama jail to free the vote When: July 17, 2014 Where: Dothan City Jail Who: members of the Southern Movement Alliance In the elections of 2012, 262,354 people in the state of Alabama were disenfranchised and ... Read More »

Southern Movement Assembly on Tour

Southern Movement Assembly on TOUR in Durham North Carolina. We will be going from North Carolina to South Carolina, to Florida, and back to Alabama UNITE TO FIGHT is on the MOVE and the Front Lines on a Number of Issues. Read More »

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