Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Transgender Woman Locked in a Cell with her RAPIST Read More »


After two days of sitting here at the Voters Registrars office I see a real slack in our Voter participation already. I have some issues that I’m dealing with concerning people being stricken off the Voting list that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN OFF!!! This has been found to be happening in several counties throughout Alabama. Read More »

Growing Up In Dothan ( Save Our Children )

Living in the Dothan area all my life I have seen a drastic change in the youth of our community. Growing up here as a kid, was just that, we were able to be kids. Our parents worked, we stayed at Big Mammas house, and on Sundays the family gathered for dinner. We stayed connected. We had praying grandparents. On ... Read More »

Former Houston County Correctional Officer

Dothan Dothan, Alabama would be a nice place to live if the police harassment was not as bad as it is. People can’t even ride to the store without being stopped and harassed by Dothan police. Just my personal opinion, the Dothan police is a major problem! Most are very racist and just simply have it out for black people. ... Read More »

Faithful Seven Found Not Guilty

S.O.S. – Save OurSelves Movement for Justice & Democracy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: John Zippert (205) 657-0273 Monday, October 6, 2014 Hank Sanders (334) 782-1651 Faithful Seven/State Capitol Seven found NOT GUILTY: Trial held today at Montgomery County Courthouse – ALL SEVEN ACQUITTED The seven Alabamians arrested for singing and praying in the State Capitol as an act of faith ... Read More »

Stabbing Under the Tree

Got a call that someone got stabbed under the tree. Police are everywhere Read More »

Support the Faithful Seven

COME SUPPORT THE FAITHFUL SEVEN!!! COME SUPPORT THE FAITHFUL SEVEN!!! WHEN:​Monday, October 6, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. WHERE:​Montgomery County Courthouse ​101 South Lawrence Street, Courtroom 2C ​Montgomery, Alabama 36104 WHAT:​Trial of the Faithful Seven/State Capitol Seven ​Fighting to Save Lives!!! Fighting for Justice!!! WHO:​The seven arrested for singing and praying in the Alabama State Capitol as an act of faith ... Read More »

Proud of our County Chairman

We are so proud of our County Chairman. While in Montgomery Ala. I went to two different meetings concerning re-entry and rights of people in prisons. The first one was a stake holders meeting where some if the advocates on these issue get together with some of the lawyers and discuss strategies to changing laws that infringe upon people’s rights ... Read More »

A Glimpse of Justice in Dothan Ala

For those of you who have been following the incident about Rickey Stokes chaining two young men to the City Courthouse doors here is a short summary of what happened in court Monday Sept.29,2014. Real briefly to make a long story short: After witnesses from both sides testified, the ones on the side of Rickey Stokes testified that he ( ... Read More »

Moma Tina recalls Mission House History

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow began his ministry in Dothan on his return home in 2001, He started feeding pizza out of his mom car, going to the streets where he came from, offering prayer and pizza. In August 2006 an old house at 605 N. Lena Street was up for sale in the perfect location where Pastor Glasgow use to do ... Read More »



Dr Myland Brown

Dr Myland Brown has been working on education for over 45 years all over the U.S. he is still working now to get our children in college. He has become the representative for Rust College: Now what that means is that whatever College he speaks at he represents Rust College, but that’s not the only thing. He has gotten the ... Read More »

Judge Fuller must Goooooooo!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 NAN LOCAL LEADER, OTHERS CANCEL PROTEST OF JUDGE FULLER AS CONGRESSPEOPLE AND SENATORS RESPOND TO CALLS FOR JUSTICE Birmingham – The Birmingham (Ala.) Chapter of the National Action Network, the Outcast Voters League and The Ordinary People Society canceled a planned protest of U. S. District Court Judge Mark Fuller at the Montgomery Federal ... Read More »

National Transparency and Accountability

It is time for us to put our money where our mouth is. We need to apply a bill to each and every city municipality. Since we are paying for our own assassins of our children. We need to at least hold them accountable. We put some Bills into motion about 3 years ago called the O’Patrick Humphrey package. These ... Read More »

Two Wife Beaters

Now I just can’t make any sense out if this. The problem is when you address this blatant disparity. People will actually try to discredit you and prove you wrong. Read More »

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