Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • New Investigative Reporter

    New Investigative Reporter

    New Investigative Reporter. What's happening with our Criminal Justice System

  • Commmunity Businesses and Churches

    Commmunity Businesses and Churches

    Commmunity Businesses and Churches; ARE THEY GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY??? We will start looking at these places and see are they giving back to the community or just taking away.

  • T.O.P.S introduces the Youth program

    T.O.P.S introduces the Youth program

    T.O.P.S introduces the Youth program. Our youth will be on the move and speaking from their own perspective.

  • Look Forward To Real News Coming

    Look Forward To Real News Coming

    Look Forward To Real News Coming. Not the pretty whitewashed news, but he truth coming from the directly impacted people and their stories.

  • Welcome to Hot Topic's Here in Dothan

    Welcome to Hot Topic's Here in Dothan

    Welcome to Hot Topic's Here in Dothan. Who's in who's pocket. Where is all the money going. What can we all as citizens of Dothan do to help.

  • Free Alabama Movement

    Free Alabama Movement

    F.A.M. Free Alabama Movement joins up with T.O.P.S. to address the Alabama prison system.


Local News & Events

Voting rights not always so easily available to all Americans

It is truly disheartening that our god given constitution right to vote the foundation of our freedom is hard for some people to participate it is the basis for what this country stands for so why do we try to control who gets to participatea this was posted on Getting a photo ID so you can vote is ... Read More »

Grant to bring Flight simulators to AL classrooms

this was posted on $500K grant to Tuskegee Univ. will help bring flight simulators to AL classrooms   Dr. Javed Khan and Dr. Chadia Affane Aji (Source: Tuskegee University) News release from Tuskegee University Macon County middle school students and teachers will soon take their knowledge to new heights with help from Tuskegee University. An exciting project led ... Read More »

Shooting victim on collier St identified

prayers go out to this person’s friends and family.   this information was posted on   Victim in Monday night Dothan murder identified by police Previous Next Ebony Davis Business Reporter 0517shooting Dothan police authorities closed a portion of Collier Street on Monday night during the investigation of a shooting Monday night.   Posted: Monday, May 16, 2016 ... Read More »

Job Fair 5/26 9-12 at Dothan Career Center

Read More »

Foster Parenting is a rewarding service

It truly takes a warm and caring heart to be able to foster children and let them go when they have to leave. A strong heart that loves and nurtures these kids when they so desperately need it, What a beautiful calling to service   this was posted on   Foster parents find challenge, reward in caring for ... Read More »

A Racial Hoax

On July 16, 2009, I woke up got something to eat then made up my mind I was going to the park to chill. I went into my room, grabbed my I-pod, then reached under my bed and got the .22 revolver then stuck it in the waist of my pants. As I walked to the park I had to ... Read More »

Senate getting ready for a fight over women being included in the Draft

It  looks like things are about to get heated at the capital. It will be interesting to see the outcome on this one   this was posted on   Senate set for showdown over women in the draft   Jordain Carney © Provided by The Hill Senate set for showdown over women in the draft The Senate is ... Read More »

Literary Magazine that works with homeless writers

<img src=”″ alt=”image beacon” width=”1″ height=”1″ /><img src=”” alt=”image beacon” width=”1″ height=”1″ /><img src=”″ alt=”image beacon” width=”1″ height=”1″ /> What an inspiring story to let the homeless be able to let their voice be heard as well as to promote their dignity and make them feel valued. this story was posted on Inside the literary magazine helping homeless ... Read More »

New Overtime Rules could mean big Changes in your paycheck

this was posted on   New Overtime Rules a Boon for Middle-Class Workers Newsweek Winston Ross18 hrs ago SHARE TWEET SHARE EMAIL Melissa Agnello earned her Ph.D in microbiology last year from the University of California at Los Angeles, an impressive achievement that unlocked her ability to wave goodbye to a decade of student poverty and… be a ... Read More »

Voter registration and photo ID issuance to be held in 5 counties

Its good to see that the government is trying to encourage more voters to register however it seems such short notice to release the information just a few days before it occurs.   hopefully those in the affected areas will be able to see this information please pass along to all that you can   this was posted on ... Read More »

New District Attorney has a big road ahead of him This is of course an opinion article that does have some facts in it. However some of these things are definitely enough to make you question some decisions he made. Let us hope that Mr Jones will help us in our community move forward and not backwards   this was posted on   Pat Jones is inheriting an ... Read More »

Dialogue between races had good turnout

Dialogue addresses race relations in DothanIts good to know that they had a good turnout for such an important issue. We need to come together and see each other not as different but as brothers and sisters.   this was posted on     Dialogue addresses race relations in Dothan Previous Next LANCE GRIFFIN / DOTHAN EAGLE Meeting on ... Read More »

Local Huntsville man organizes lawn cutting service for those who need it for free

What a wonderful program and what a wonderful role model this man is for the youth in the community to let them see first hand what a difference they can make in somebody’s life.   this was posted on This Lawn Service Cuts Grass for Those Who Can’t for Free See how these kids are making a ... Read More »

Lawyers steals from his clients and then goes on trial himself

what a sad tragic twist. Those people who had put their trust in their lawyer for the injustices they experienced and then lost that which was owed to them. this was posted on A Manhattan Lawyer’s Slip and Fall 3 / 59 The New York Times By BENJAMIN WEISER54 mins ago SHARE TW Solar Impulse 2 plane leaves ... Read More »

Alabama Prison Reforms are still being pushed forward by some

Its good to hear that even though the reform plan was killed in the session a few weeks ago it may still have a glimmer of hope. Hopefully we can get enough voices and votes out there to make sure that people realize that inmates are people too and need to be treated humanely.   this information was posted on ... Read More »

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