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TOPS 13th Unity Day Benefit Read More »

Bad Bills in the Alabama Session for Ordinary People

So the bad bills are SB 47 and HB 192 which would require drug testing for unemployment compensation, and SB 63 which would require drug testing for TANF. SB 63 has passed the senate and committee in the house.   The good bill is SB 303 which would expand TANF access to people who’ve been convicted of drug felonies. It’s ... Read More »

What do you say about this???

I have been a resident of Eufaula, Alabama for the majority of my life and I feel as though Eufaula City Officials MUST get better. Please read these two incidents that occurred in Eufaula with an open mind. Reread if you must and I would appreciate your comments. First, an African American gets into a vehicle with another African American ... Read More »

Troy Dothan Campus Black History Month

Revised Black History Month – Glasgow Read More »

Eufaula City Council Denies First Amendment Rights Read More »

Allegations of Cruelty in Eufaula’s Killing of Dogs’s-treatment-of-dogs/ Pastor I am very surprised at some of the comments I’m seeing about this article. First let me say that as far as the author, I KNOW Mr. Carroll personally and if it is one thing I do know is that he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He doesn’t print anything without thoroughly checking it out. So ... Read More »

WANTED In The Wiregrass

1-30-14A Read More »

Joint Emergency Help in the Wiregrass

joint – EMA 1-29-14 Read More »

The Ordinary People Society Community Report!

T.O.P.S. Stat Report pdf This is our community report on what we can do for our community. Read More »

What’s Really Going On In Dothan and Surrounding Cities/Towns

This is the people’s site. Where everyone is entitled to tell their side of the story. Look out and participate with We will be featuring YOU!!!  Read More »

T.O.P.S. Alabama Prison Report

TOPS 2014 Prison Reform Report Read More »

How Can You Help

We are coming up close to Christmas and we must be very attentative to the children. Read More »

Welcome to Hot Topic's Here in Dothan

excerpts Read More »

Look Forward To Real News Coming

This site will be bringing it to you raw and objectively Read More »

New Investigative Reporter

Look forward to the real raw news. Coming to you from a real people perspective. Where you can get the real news from an objective perspective and give your opinion. Read More »

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